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How do I import data from salesforce?

I have data in salesforce that i want to bring in to Paxata. How do i accomplish it?


  • CSDanCSDan Posts: 32 ✭✭
    Assuming the Salesforce data source has been established by your tenant administrator, these are the steps:
    1) go to the Library
    2) click + Import
    3) from the list of data sources choose the Salesforce data source
    4) choose what you want to import, you may:
       4a) import a Salesforce object (like, Account)
       4b) import a Salesforce report (scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of object and click on "Reports"
       4c) import the results of a SOQL query - click on the "Create Query" link and paste/write your SOQL
    5) once you have selected the desired Object/Report/Query, click finish

    If your tenant admin has not established the Salesforce data source, the first two minutes of this video addresses that part of the process. 

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