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How do I get started in Paxata and where can I get help?

MelanieMelanie Posts: 40 admin
edited October 18, 2018 4:13PM in Getting Started
When you login to Paxata for the first time, you land on the Projects page. Here's an illustration to help orient yourself to the Project page:

At a very high level, here are the three easy steps for getting started in Paxata:

1. Add a new Project. Here's an illustration of how a new Project is laid out. 
2. The very first time you start a Project, you'll notice a green button for selecting a dataset. Click it to add a base dataset to your Project. The base dataset forms the basis for your Project.

3. Begin prepping your data. When you're ready to bring more data into a Project, you will import it from your Paxata Library. Here's an illustration of how the Library is laid out:

See the Getting Started guide for complete details. The guide is located right under the Help Menu in the application:

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