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Help within Paxata

MelanieMelanie Posts: 28 admin
edited October 25, 2018 1:52AM in Getting Started
When you click on the question mark icon to open the help menu, you see several options:

Here's a summary of the menu options:

  • Hide Help is a toggle to turn off and on the UI help panel, which appears on left side of the application.

  • What's new opens a second browser window with a PDF that lists all of the new features in the release.

  • Getting Started opens a second browser window with a PDF that provides all of the details for getting started with Paxata, including introductory videos and step-by-step instructions.

  • Help Shelf opens a second browser window that displays a table of contents for all of the library of articles available to you on various Paxata topics ranging from how to use specific tools to configuring more advanced features.

  • Video Library opens the PaxataTV—Paxata's YouTube channel.

  • Feedback opens an email to contact Paxata Customer Success.
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