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How to configure an Azure Blob Storage connector

MelanieMelanie Posts: 70 admin
edited October 23, 2018 12:00AM in Paxata Fundamentals

To configure an Azure Blob Storage connector in Paxata, you must enter the following parameters before you can save the data source configuration form:  
General: the name you want to assign to the connector.
WASB Configuration: root path accessible by this connector. Use the forward slash (/) to access all files in the container. 

Additionally, you should go ahead and complete the following fields. Otherwise, you'll be required to complete them every time you want to connect to the data source for import:
Azure Access Key: the storage access key used to authenticate with your Azure Blob storage account.
Azure Storage Account Name: the subdomain name of your unique Azure URL address.
Blob Service Container Name: the name of the Blob Service Container.

Here's a screenshot of the Azure Blob Storage connector form.

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