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4. Publish and Export Your Data

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edited February 12, 2019 12:41AM in Getting Started

This is part 4 of the Getting Started tutorial series.  Now that you have a project with some data cleansing steps, lets publish the AnswerSet and export it.

Video: Publishing and Exporting Your Data


If you prefer to read instead of watch a video, the same steps from the above video are listed below.

Steps: Publishing and Exporting Your Data

This tutorial helps us publish the project to the data library after which the data can be shared, reused in other projects and exported locally or to any configured datasource.

In this example, we ll show you how to export the data file to your local system

Step 1: Let's review our data prep work so far. Click on the steps button on the tools bar to expand the steps panel    

Step 2:  We can click through the steps in order to observe how the data changes in every step

Step 3: You can mute a step, look at the steps that have a filter and annotate steps that might not be so obvious for another user using the features embedded in the step editor.

Step 4: Click on the publish button on the steps editor to publish the project (AnswerSet) on to the library.

Step 5: The user can add tags to the AnswerSet before exporting the dataset.

Step 6: Click on the Export option

Step 6.1: Select the download locally option

Step 6.2: Once the desired export settings have been selected, click on the export button

The file is now locally downloaded on to your system

That completes the fourth of six tutorials in the Getting Started series.

Next:  Combining Your Data -  Append

  1. Create a New Data Prep Project
  2. Explore Your Data
  3. Clean and Transform Your Data
  4. Publish and Export Your Data  
  5. Combine Your Data - Append
  6. Combine Your Data - Lookup / Join


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