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How to change the default date display format?

We have observed in Paxata Datasets that the default date format used is with full timestamp. But in our project we need to have a date in specific format like mm/dd/yyyy without timestamp.


  • Paxata projects will always show datetime fields with this format (full timestamp), regardless of the format at the source. Since Paxata is not necessarily a reporting tool, there is no option to change the default display of a date field, however you can convert it to string during import or in the Project.

    If you need to change how the field is displayed, in the project you can use the computed column function DATEFORMAT(). During import, you can also change the data type to string to avoid being used and displayed as a date field.

    Converts a value stored as a datetime data type to a text sting in a given format.


    DATETIME is the date you want to convert.
    FORMAT is format you want the DATETIME converted to.
    DATEFORMAT(@Date [email protected], “dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm”)

    Notes on use:
    The DATETIME you provide must be a datetime object, a column that contains a datetime object, or a function that returns a datetime object.

    See the Date and Time Syntax article for more information on the syntax to use for the DATE_STRING.
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