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How do I export my data out of Paxata

Datasets and AnswerSets can be exported out of Paxata to a file on your computer or to a connected data source. Exporting your data gives you the flexibility to share your data with other people or other systems.  Follow these steps to export a dataset or AnswerSet:

On the Library screen, hover the cursor over the dataset you want to export.
Click Export (Export button).

Select the location to export the file to: Your computer - Click Download locally, if a connected data source - select the data source from the Select Data Source drop-down.

Click Export.

Adjust the settings as needed.


  • JRoodJRood Posts: 10
    Can export of a dataset or project be automated or must it be done manually?
  • AkshayAkshay Posts: 110 admin
    edited May 6, 2019 7:36PM
    Hello Jrood,

    Please click here for the documentation regarding the automation of Project and Library data. I hope you find this helpful! 

    Thank You,

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