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Shape - Group By with Last loses the data type

It's unclear if this is by design. I have a date column that I am using the Shape - Group By - Last on. The newly generated column becomes a text data type and is no longer a date data type.

Is this by design?

I can workaround it by creating a new Computed Column using the DATEVALUE formula, but seems like an unnecessary extra step.

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  • ahatisTWahatisTW Posts: 7
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    That's good to hear it's something that will be fixed/changed in a future release. Just to clarify, if you try to use the newly generated column in a Computed Column using any of the DATE formulas (DATEDIFF etc), the formula does not recognize the value as a date type. I believe it returns an error that it is a number.


  • I think I have seen this too...... Not sure.. But I do vaguely remember losing data type of date fields...
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