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1. Create a New Data Prep Project

MelanieMelanie Posts: 71 admin
edited February 12, 2019 12:05AM in Getting Started
This is part 1 of the Getting Started tutorial.

Start with this guided tutorial video:

Video: Creating a New Data Prep Project

 If you prefer to read instead of watch a video, the same steps from the above video are listed below.

Steps: Creating a New Data Prep Project

1) Log in to Paxata

2) Open the "Paxata 101: Learn the Basics" project 

3) Click the green button in the center top area of the screen to select your base dataset

4) Click the green Select button to the left of the "YTD Contact" sample dataset

When you click Select, you are returned to the project, with the data from the selected dataset assigned to be the Start dataset in your project

5) To proceed you must click Save.


That completes the first of six tutorials in the Getting Started series.

Next:  #2 Explore Your Data 

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  • Where can I download the datasets from the tutorial so I can follow along? I'm not using the free trial version. My company has a Paxata license.
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