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How to actually SUM

Hi again, everybody.  So on my continuing work with this monster project (translating Data pulling/prep from an SPSS stream into Paxata to make ready for reporting) there's a step where I need to present the sum of several columns.  The thing is that using the SUM compute function just creates a new column with the same values as the one I want to SUM rather than giving me the SUM.  I've tried using Shaping and that gives several rows of SUM rather than just the overall SUM.

How can I take Column A and get the SUM of all values in that column as a new Column B that's the total overall sum of everything in A in one row?

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  • JRoodJRood Posts: 10
    Hi Akshay.  Thanks for the steps!  It did create the right sort of effect and I really appreciate the visual aids.
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