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PaxPro - Analyst Track

jmayhewjmayhew Posts: 28 admin
edited August 8, 2019 6:52AM in Training Calendar
One of the 3 custom training tracks that Paxata provides training for is the PaxPro - Analyst Track. This track is designed to guide people who have never accessed Paxata in the past and develop the skills to become a certified Paxata Professional (PaxPro). The course is divided into 3 sections which upon completion will allow an individual to:

  • Define data connections and load data into Paxata on an ongoing basis
  • To perform batch data profiling analysis and create customized on-demand data profiling rules
  • To harmonize and combine data regardless of source and file structure to any desired target format
  • To identify data quality issues and formulate data correction strategies 
  • To automate recurring data discovery and quality steps into a repeatable manner
  • To solve complex data quality and processing issues
The 3 courses within the PaxPro - Analyst Track include:
  1. Paxata Boot Camp - a comprehensive understanding of the Paxata Functionality.
  2. Paxata Best Practices - Enables an individual to apply the Paxata capabilities to solve common business challenges.
  3. Paxata Advanced Techniques Lab - Enables an individual to breakdown complex challenges, create advanced workflows, and lead a team to solve data challenges using Paxata.

Course Time Delivery Costs
Paxata Boot Camp 2.5 hrs Online & Onsite Online: Free, Onsite: Services Bundle
Paxata Best Practices 4 hrs Onsite only Services Bundle
Paxata Advanced Techniques 8 hrs Onsite only Services Bundle

To learn more, please email: [email protected]
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