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I am exporting an answerset and the export status is still 'running'. Why is this happening?

It looks like I have tried to export 2 answersets twice but I didnt


  • @vlruch67
    Can you share more details about the export?  This will tell us a lot about why we're in 'running' state.  
    • Dataset dimensions: rows and columns
    • Destination of export: local / which connector
  • Local download, 34 rows, 3 columns
  • And which format are you exporting to? 
  • txt file, pipe delim
  • Relative export throughput (fastest to slowest): 
    • JSON, Delimited/Avro, XML, XLSX
    Relative size of export data files for same dataset (smallest to largest)
    • XLSX, AVRO/Delimited, JSON, XML
    Comparing Local to Connector export
    • We see a minor reduction in throughput of about 5% for Local export caused by communication back to the user's browser
    One area where we have seen latency issues is when we send results back to the user's browser on bandwidth limited networks. Is it possible that you are on a VPN or leveraging a Web Proxy that has reduced bandwidth?
    • A network speed test would allow us to see whether this is the case for your connectivity (https://www.speedtest.net/)
    • Try to download the data as Excel. This will take a bit longer on the server but will create an export file about 50% as large as Delimited (because XLSX is a compressed format). 
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