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How do I export the view of my Filtergram?

I have a Filtergram on a Step in my Project and I'd like to export that view to an AnswerSet. How do I do this?
This is a common data prep scenario and you can capture that Filtergram view in four easy Steps.

In this example, here's a Filtergram view of the Season1 column:

To capture the view above in an AnswerSet:

1. Perform a Group by on the column––in this example, the column named Season 1. And the resulting new aggregated column becomes the Count – Show Name column:

2. Sort the new Count – Show Name column by descending:

3. Now create a Lens for this view: Click the Lens tool, provide a Lens name, and Save the Lens to the Step:

4. Publish the lens for export. Note that when you mouse over the lens icon on the Step, the Publish button displays:

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