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How do I export the view of my Filtergram?

I have a Filtergram on a Step in my Project and I'd like to export that view to an AnswerSet. How do I do this?
This is a common data prep scenario and you can capture that Filtergram view in four easy Steps.

In this example, here's a Filtergram view of the Season1 column:

To capture the view above in an AnswerSet:

1. Perform a Group by on the column––in this example, the column named Season 1. And the resulting new aggregated column becomes the Count – Show Name column:

2. Sort the new Count – Show Name column by descending:

3. Now create a Lens for this view: Click the Lens tool, provide a Lens name, and Save the Lens to the Step:

4. Publish the lens for export. Note that when you mouse over the lens icon on the Step, the Publish button displays:


  • CFreshCFresh Posts: 27
    Hi Melanie,

    This has been quite helpful but I am wondering if this is the approach I should take for my particular situation.  I have an export for that provides values for "Pass" or "Fail" for about 46 different fields.  The field could contain multiple "Pass values" and "Fail values" describing in more detail why it is "Pass" or "Failed", but I can find them because there is more description after "Pass..." and "Fail..." in the fields.

    I want to produce a summary of all the fields and their values to create one report with the summary of all fields validations and counts.  Could there be a way to actually count and group those values for each field in separate compute statements so that I don't have to export the values for each field's count and bring the original total dataset of all fields again before exporting the counts on the next field.  Plus that would eliminate bringing in all the individual exports to create the summary report.

    I hope this is clear.  Thank you!
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