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Exporting parquet files with snappy compression

shivkumrshivkumr Posts: 1
edited March 17, 2020 4:27AM in Data Prep Q&A
I tried to export a 3 milion plus rows dataset as a parquet file to HDFS to feed a hive external table. It comes around 6 GB in size. The same file is 5.8 GB when exported as csv.

I would like to apply some compression when exporting it as parquet, because I believe paxata is doing some compression when storing its files in library in parquet format(otherwise it cannot store all these files if parquet occupies more space than csv. I have lot more files that are huge in rows and columns). can the same compression be applied to exports also? If applied, can a external hive table created on top of it will be able to read the data? also, any REST API command exists for the same? The version of paxata I use is Release: 2018. 


  • sayyarsayyar Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Hi @shivkumr,

    Paxata currently does not support compression during export. We will add it to the backlog of requested features. Thank you for the feedback!

    Shyam Ayyar
    Product Manager
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