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Cannot find my syntax error in multiple If Statement

I've struggled with this syntax for a few hours and if I can get it correct I will be using similar multiple if statements in the project. 
The main purpose is if the 2nd IF statement is true and populated with "All Match" then I wouldn't have to check the 3rd IF statement with 6 fields, I only need to check the 2nd IF statement comparing the 2 fields.  I am just not correct with the position of the )'s and ('s.
The error I am getting is under the last 4 )))) with a message Missing ')' at <EOF>

If (((@Country Match in [email protected] = "All Match), 
    If((@[email protected] = @[email protected]), "All Match",
 If (and(@[email protected] = @[email protected],        
        @[email protected] = @[email protected],      
        @[email protected] = @[email protected]),"All Match","A Mismatch")))) 

Appreciate the help!

Best Answers

  • CFreshCFresh Posts: 39
    Accepted Answer
    Great advice, thanks Julie!


  • I noticed today this "create column" code is no longer showing an error (did nothing to change) but the new column is also not showing in the data display below.  Is there a limit to the number of columns that can be created and/or displayed? I wonder if that is why it is not showing an error as well as not showing the new column?
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