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Reporting on Library refreshes and their Schedules

Trying to take away from Paxata automation schedules, and make some sense on which library are refreshed at what rate. We usually import Paxata library list into power bi, but the schedules are not available from the extract. Is there a way to obtain those schedules and to which library ID it applies to?


  • sayyarsayyar Posts: 25 admin
    Hello @mdeveault
    If you visit the "Automation" > "Schedules" page, you will be able to see the jobs that are scheduled and their frequency. The "Automation" > "Job Details" page shows you the history of all the jobs that ran so far. In both these pages you would be able to filter whether the job is a Library Automation or Project Automation. This also gives you the ability to search for specific jobs by their name. 

    Please let me know if this helps. Thank you!

    Shyam Ayyar
    Product Manager
  • Thanks for the response Shyam, I am looking for a way to report on those schedules. There are no "export" option that I saw in the menu and browsing to this view via power bi has not been successful for me.
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