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Translate two boolean column results into new Text field

Hi, I have two columns, both boolean results that display true, false, or are both blank. I need to translate the resulting 5 combinations into a new column. I tried If statements but they don't seem to work with boolean.  Any suggests? 
There are five combinations, each with new description in the new calculated column - both True, True-False, False True, both False, and both blank. I did find a number of answers relating to syntax here and did try them all but I think it's because the fields are boolean. I did also check the Paxata Documentation but it was not helpful.  
Any assistance, references, or help is much appreciated. 


  • AkshayAkshay Posts: 111 admin
    Hello Marrkr,

    is there a possibility of the the value being true -blank, blank-true, false-blank or blank-false?

    Can you please post the syntax of the compute function that you are using along with a snapshot of the dataset from Paxata so that we can assist you further?

    Thank you and Best Regards,

  • Hi, I think iI figured out a way around. I computed each of the boolean columns with True, false, or null values into text then I can do follow up work with the new text fields.  Thanks for your quick response. 
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