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I’m trying to retrieve the column information using the REST api using the following command

GET "https://<paxata host>/rest/library/data?version=-1&return=name,dataFileId,schema.name

I’m getting null values for the schema.name

But when I use this command I get the JSON array with the no null values

GET "https://<paxata host>/rest/library/data?version=-1&return=name,dataFileId,schema


How do I correct my syntax to get a tab delimited result back with no null values?


  • Hi @ginoroy

    1) Your call seems to be putting the dataFileID parameter in the wrong place(so you are going to have ALL of your datasets returned, which I am not sure is what you want). Also, according the documentation, you can specify a "return" parameter. (the only two valid parameters are dataFileID and version  (there is state and loginDomainId but you can ignore those)

    2) (to my knowledge) the response is usually a json response, so to get what you're after (the column names of a specific dataset), try the below code (this is in python, and it works):

    # import the libraries you'll needimport requestsfrom urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarningrequests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings(InsecureRequestWarning)from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
    # Setup your variables.
    paxata_token = "
  • Hi @ginoroy

    1) The rest call is not quite right, you are providing parameters (return) that are not valid. Also you need to provide dataFileId in a slightly different place.

    2) Paxata responses will mostly be in JSON format, so you will need to handle that. I have provided a working sample for you to use for your purpose:

    # import the libraries you'll need
    import requests
    from urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning
    from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

    # Setup your variables.
    paxata_token = "paste your token here"
    auth_token = HTTPBasicAuth("",paxata_token)  
    dataFileID = "pase the libraryId here"

    # Make the REST API Call
    url_request = (paxata_url + "/rest/library/data/"+str(dataFileID)+"/-1")
    my_response = requests.get(url_request,auth=auth_token , verify=False)
        json_response = json.loads(my_response.content)
        print ("Something went wrong.")

    # Go into the Json file, to the schema and loop through the column names
    for column_name in json_response.get('schema'):
        print (column_name.get('name'))

    That should be it! (because of attachment restrictions, i was unable to provide the jupyter notebook)
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