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Paxata Admin: how to enable Oracle JDBC Connector

Oracle 12c JDBC driver (http://download.oracle.com/otn/utilities_drivers/jdbc/121010/ojdbc7.jar)

1.Add the ojdbc7.jar to /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers/

2. User ran recursive chown on drivers to make paxata user the owner (chown paxata:paxata -R /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers)

3. User set permissions as 755 on all drivers (chmod 755 -R /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers)

4. Edit /usr/local/paxata/server/drivers/jdbc-driver.properties:


5. Restart Paxata Server to register the new driver (service paxata-server restart)

6. Create Oracle datasource in Library Page.


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