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How to configure a Sharepoint Data Source

To configure a connection to Sharepoint from Paxata, you will need to enter the following parameters:

Server URL  e.g. https://<yoursharepointaddress>/sites/<yoursite>


  • I get a Failed to login into "https://sharepointaddress/sites/mysite/": invalid username or password. Even though I am the owner of the site. I've tried both username and domain\username with same results
  • @ginoroy
    When logging in to your Sharepoint site, are you typically required to provide the domain of your account?
  • I don't have to login to SharePoint as it uses my windows credentials. I did try both username and domain\username with my password and get the same error message
  • @ginoroy
    Interesting, it sounds like you're using Active Directory or some other sort of single-sign-on to log you into SharePoint without having to directly enter your credentials. Is this the case?

    If so, are you able to log directly into SharePoint using your credentials outside of the SSO process? 

    It may require speaking to your SharePoint admin to understand how they have configured authentication into your environment as you may only be able to log in via the SSO process.  

    @sudheerkumar may also have some insight on this as he is your Paxata Customer Success contact would be most likely to have knowledge of your environment. 

  • Regarding sharepoint - I am getting an error "Unable to fetch contents of folder". 
    Is this somehow related to permissions ?

    I am getting a successful message on clicking "test data source". Please advise

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