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Import multiple XML files

I have an XML file that is so large, that it was broken out into 7 distinct files. What is the best way I can bring this into Paxata?

Best Answer


  • AkshayAkshay Posts: 110 admin
    This depends on whether the files are local on your system or if your data is on a cloud based data storage system like an Amazon S3 or Azure.

    If the files are local on your system, then you must first import these 7 files on to the library as 7 separate datasets. After loading these files into the library, open a Paxata project with one of the datasets as your base dataset and then use 6 append steps to union these files together.

    Alternatively, if your files are located on S3, Azure or any Paxata supported cloud data storage system. You can use a wildcard pattern to glob these datasets together before bringing it into the library.
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