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Shape Tool, how to make other columns available after using the Shape Tool for other step in Project

I am unclear how one steps controls the next steps.  I have a project to do data validation on many fields. I am using a Shape Tool on one field to do a group by to determine if the field values are unique.  I would like to do another Shape Tool in another step on a different column.  How can i get all the columns back in view without creating a project for each field?  Is the Shape tool the only tool that does this or do others as well?

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  • AkshayAkshay Posts: 110 admin
    Hello CFresh,

    You could do this by doing a "self join", prior to using the shaping operation to do a group by - store the view of the dataset using the lens feature in the product. Publish this lens and then do a lookup/join to bring this lens back to merge with the shaped data before performing the second shaping operation on another column.

    I hope this helps,
  • Thanks Julie,
    That certainly gives me a lot to try, appreciate it!
  • CFreshCFresh Posts: 39
    Akshay, can you talk a little bit more about a "self join", what it would look like, how something like that would be done, and how it helps to get around losing the data during the "Shape"?
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