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How do I delete a lens

I created a lens but need help in deleting it. Can someone tell me how this is done. 


  • Hi Julie,
    If you open the steps panel and mouse over the name of the lens you should see an "x" to the left of the lens name.  If you hover there, you will see a message "delete lens" and if you click it then the lens will be deleted.  Please see screenshot below.  Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Martha - I was reviewing in a training class how to post a community article.  I'll leave the answer :smiley:
  • I face the same issue and even after clicking the 'X' icon, the system is not deleting an unwanted lens that got created mistakenly. Could you please help with that?
  • MelanieMelanie Posts: 71 admin
    Hi Ashok, could you please share a little information about your version of Paxata? If you click this icon in the top, right corner of the application, a menu for "About" displays. Open "About" to find your version info.

  • AshokAshok Posts: 2
    Yes sure and it can be found below.

    Release: 2018.

    Interface: 2018. - 2018.

    Pipeline - 2018. - 2018.

    PS: I don't know how to attach images here.

  • MelanieMelanie Posts: 71 admin
    Hello again and thank you for this info.
    So next question: was this lens created using the UI or is this lens the result of a raw script copy from one Project (where lens originally existed) to a new Project? If yes to the latter, then you must edit the raw script in the new Project to remove the lens name from the "publishPoints" variable.
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